In collaboration with the Goethe-Insitut London and Melanie Bühler, Opening Times organised Institutionalising the Digital, a panel discussion and website take-over.

Institutionalising the Digital aimed to highlight a number of recent initiatives to have surfaces that are dedicated to presenting the work of artists in an online environment. Branching off into ‘the digital’, institutions now incorporate digital infrastructures as part of their institutional properties, launching digital residencies and giving away grants to support digital works. The talk focussed on the questions and concerns involved in the presentation, facilitation and support of artistic practices online by institutions that are both ‘digitally native’ as well as organisations that preceded computer technology.

Opening Times was present during the event through a take-over of the Goethe-Institut’s website, interacting live with the discussion.

The panellists include:

The event was moderated by Filipa Ramos, Editor in Chief, art-agenda & Co-curator Vdrome.

For his residency, Constant Dullaart has made a series of three website pieces. Each site is a container for an external page (Google Images, Apple and Wikipedia) which is split into different shaped parts inside moving frames. These dynamic frames re-draw the content into relationships with other parts, producing a collaged cut-out of the browser content in different shapes and layers.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.

Heather Phillipson’s new online video, SERIOUS TRACTION, takes place inside a body inside a room inside a screen inside a browser window. Limited to text and sporadic two-tone, diagrammatic images, the video conflates systematised behaviours – of language, medicine and intimate/public experience – through which the body is laid out, penetrated, assessed.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.