For his Opening Times commission, Patrick Goddard has produced Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, a short video including spoken and musical elements that looks at the abstracting tendencies of contemporary high finance; where money no longer bears any relation to the production of useful goods or services. Music for the video was commissioned from the London based band Henge, playing a Doom Metal cover version of ABBA’s classic song, Money Money Money.

Featuring: Regina Lazarenko and Patrick Goddard with specially commissioned music from Henge.

For an interview with the artist about his commission, please click here.

For her commission, Alice Theobald has produced Taking Stock, a music library made up of 21 specially composed instrumental scores.

Taking Stock with Alice Theobald is a ongoing project in which her own musical compositions draw upon long-term research into the commodification and economy of emotions through language, sound and intonation and how they shape human experience, interaction and perception. Whilst also analysing the affective power of film scores, music for television and stock music.

Alice Theobald develops multifaceted installations that incorporate sculpture, music, performance and video. Her work addresses accepted concepts of spectacle and emotion to explore the spectrum of acting and performance present in our everyday lives and the demand for “authenticity”. Drawing upon a mixture of pop cultural references, Theobald questions the essence of drama, stage and life when representing complex human themes such as love, aspiration, freedom, alienation, memory and doubt.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.

For her commission Williams has produced a collation of nine short video clips arranged in a grid which allude to the language and structure of adult-content websites. These clips magnify and examine the often heavily fetishised surfaces of materials which include fur, leather, cream cakes, ceramics and bodily fluids.  Each clip features a sound composition by London-based musician Patchfinder, simultaneously responding whilst heightening and creating ruptures with the overt sensuality of the imagery. All of the videos can be downloaded and watched for free. The changing images behind the clips also hyperlink to a seemingly tangential selection of website pages.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.