For his residency, Constant Dullaart has made a series of three website pieces. Each site is a container for an external page (Google Images, Apple and Wikipedia) which is split into different shaped parts inside moving frames. These dynamic frames re-draw the content into relationships with other parts, producing a collaged cut-out of the browser content in different shapes and layers.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.

Grey dust is covering the trees. It makes them sparkle like silver leaves in the wind. The sky is hanging on large billboards.

He hears the rain drumming on the window and looks at the shadow falling from the lit-up rose. She takes his hand. Place your fingers on the black mirror. Close your eyes. Try to relax. He paints a landscape. The thick ink touches the paper, and the water runs in circles through the mountains. Each night he paints the same motif again and again.

For an interview with the artist about her residency, please click here.

Throughout his 3 month residency, Sassoon will create and upload new works to his Pandora project, centred around the building he has occupied on Pandora Street for the last five years, a building that is both his house and studio. Whilst playing on the mythological story of the same name, Sassoon uses the structure of his domestic space as container for multiple works.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.