Constant Dullaart

Epizeuxis, Conduplicatio, Mesodiplosis



For his residency, Constant Dullaart has made a series of three website pieces. Each site is a container for an external page (Google Images, Apple and Wikipedia) which is split into different shaped parts inside moving frames. These dynamic frames re-draw the content into relationships with other parts, producing a collaged cut-out of the browser content in different shapes and layers.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.

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June 2015 - September 2015

Shana Moulton




In Restless Leg Saga (2012), Shana Moulton‘s female protagonist grapples with the oppressive symptoms of RLS, a nervous disorder defined by an irrational and intolerable urge to move one’s legs that no amount of subsequent movement can suppress. In Whispering Pines 9 (2009), a woman is so devastated by an estimate given by an Antiques Roadshow expert that her body breaks into pieces.

In Galactic Pot Healer (2010), a seer in a pink Snuggie tells a woman that her broken ceramic vessel is beyond repair. Instead, the entity offers her a “healing massage,” over the course of which the woman’s back is kneaded into a replacement pot. In the works excerpted here, Moulton confronts the melancholic corps morcélé, and looks to the mundane objects and practices at her fingertips if not to make it whole, then at least to make it new.

Nicolas Sassoon




Throughout his 3 month residency, Sassoon will create and upload new works to his Pandora project, centred around the building he has occupied on Pandora Street for the last five years, a building that is both his house and studio. Whilst playing on the mythological story of the same name, Sassoon uses the structure of his domestic space as container for multiple works.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.



2014 (1993) is one of the most archetypal works of, and one that helped me understand the importance and scope of the genre many years later when I first encountered it in the mid-naughts. I won’t get into a heady analysis of the piece (check out Mark Tribe’s analysis here if you’re curious), but only tell newcomers to view the source code (Option-Command-U) to understand the method behind the madness of the garbled green-and-black text.