For his Opening Times commission, Patrick Goddard has produced Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, a short video including spoken and musical elements that looks at the abstracting tendencies of contemporary high finance; where money no longer bears any relation to the production of useful goods or services. Music for the video was commissioned from the London based band Henge, playing a Doom Metal cover version of ABBA’s classic song, Money Money Money.

Featuring: Regina Lazarenko and Patrick Goddard with specially commissioned music from Henge.

For an interview with the artist about his commission, please click here.

For her commission, Alice Theobald has produced Taking Stock, a music library made up of 21 specially composed instrumental scores.

Taking Stock with Alice Theobald is a ongoing project in which her own musical compositions draw upon long-term research into the commodification and economy of emotions through language, sound and intonation and how they shape human experience, interaction and perception. Whilst also analysing the affective power of film scores, music for television and stock music.

Alice Theobald develops multifaceted installations that incorporate sculpture, music, performance and video. Her work addresses accepted concepts of spectacle and emotion to explore the spectrum of acting and performance present in our everyday lives and the demand for “authenticity”. Drawing upon a mixture of pop cultural references, Theobald questions the essence of drama, stage and life when representing complex human themes such as love, aspiration, freedom, alienation, memory and doubt.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.

For her commission Williams has produced a collation of nine short video clips arranged in a grid which allude to the language and structure of adult-content websites. These clips magnify and examine the often heavily fetishised surfaces of materials which include fur, leather, cream cakes, ceramics and bodily fluids.  Each clip features a sound composition by London-based musician Patchfinder, simultaneously responding whilst heightening and creating ruptures with the overt sensuality of the imagery. All of the videos can be downloaded and watched for free. The changing images behind the clips also hyperlink to a seemingly tangential selection of website pages.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.

Opening Times presents New Feelings, a screening curated for the public program of Material Art Fair, Mexico.

​From the 4th to the 7th February the screening program will be showing simultaneously at Material Art Fair and on the Material Art Fair website. The program focuses on the subjects of Capital, Desire and Bodies and concludes with an epilogue that examines all three through music videos and found footage online.

New Feelings looks at affective economies in our networked society, bringing together a series of works from artists including Maja Čule, Heather Phillipson, Jala Wahid and Andrew Norman Wilson. These works bear witness to the evolving process of capital governing desire, desire governing the body and the body becoming capital.

In collaboration with the Goethe-Insitut London and Melanie Bühler, Opening Times organised Institutionalising the Digital, a panel discussion and website take-over.

Institutionalising the Digital aimed to highlight a number of recent initiatives to have surfaces that are dedicated to presenting the work of artists in an online environment. Branching off into ‘the digital’, institutions now incorporate digital infrastructures as part of their institutional properties, launching digital residencies and giving away grants to support digital works. The talk focussed on the questions and concerns involved in the presentation, facilitation and support of artistic practices online by institutions that are both ‘digitally native’ as well as organisations that preceded computer technology.

Opening Times was present during the event through a take-over of the Goethe-Institut’s website, interacting live with the discussion.

The panellists include:

The event was moderated by Filipa Ramos, Editor in Chief, art-agenda & Co-curator Vdrome.

For his residency, Constant Dullaart has made a series of three website pieces. Each site is a container for an external page (Google Images, Apple and Wikipedia) which is split into different shaped parts inside moving frames. These dynamic frames re-draw the content into relationships with other parts, producing a collaged cut-out of the browser content in different shapes and layers.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.

Heather Phillipson’s new online video, SERIOUS TRACTION, takes place inside a body inside a room inside a screen inside a browser window. Limited to text and sporadic two-tone, diagrammatic images, the video conflates systematised behaviours – of language, medicine and intimate/public experience – through which the body is laid out, penetrated, assessed.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.

For her research commission, Orit Gat has produced How We Write When We Write Online? – a series of questions posed to writers on how we write on the internet and an essay based on the responses. The list of contributors include: Ben Eastham, Brian Droitcour, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Dan Fox, Dushko Petrovich, Emily LaBarge, Jessica Loudis, Kyle Chayka, Merve Unsal, Michael Connor, Nicholas O’Brien, Oliver Basciano, Omar Kholeif, Ozge Ersoy, Stacey Allan, Stephanie Bailey, Tyler Coburn and Wendy Vogel. The project is also ongoing with an open submission process for further responses.

Image: Julia Weist, With Haim Steinbach, 2014 (Fujifilm instant film). For more information see here.

For his Opening Times commission, Richard Healy has produced the video WHERE’S PETER?. The work incorporates recorded footage, found documents and research that trace the relationship between Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears. The video self-consciously choreographs and organises material about spaces and structures that potentially afford subversive or alternative social models.

For an interview with the artist about his commission, please click here.

Grey dust is covering the trees. It makes them sparkle like silver leaves in the wind. The sky is hanging on large billboards.

He hears the rain drumming on the window and looks at the shadow falling from the lit-up rose. She takes his hand. Place your fingers on the black mirror. Close your eyes. Try to relax. He paints a landscape. The thick ink touches the paper, and the water runs in circles through the mountains. Each night he paints the same motif again and again.

For an interview with the artist about her residency, please click here.

For her artwork commission, Megan Rooney has created Tilia americana, a set of five sequential, multi-framed videos with an accompanying narrated text. The videos incorporate elements of drawing, sculpture and performance, portraying women obscured by water-coloured pillow cases in different suburban situations. The audio track accompanying the videos is a voiceover of the artist reading a fractured and dreamlike prose poem.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here. For a transcript of the narrative, please click here.

For his artwork commission, Sutherland, in collaboration with a synthetic biologist, has created an altered genome file for the common weed Arabidopsis Thaliana. The new genome has an altered pigment in daylight and a fluorescing pigment under certain light conditions. The file has a limit to the number of downloads on Opening Times’ website before it will be dependent on peer sharing and seeding through the BitTorrent sharing community. The artwork exists as an ‘ApE’ file, a format produced using a freeware genetic editor often used by biological engineers and genetic hackers. However, the consumer tools to actualise and produce genetic code as living matter does not yet exist and therefore the file sits in anticipation of a future technology to activate it.

(Note: BitTorrent is a protocol supporting the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. To download the files a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent is required).

For an interview with the artist about his commission, please click here.

Throughout his 3 month residency, Sassoon will create and upload new works to his Pandora project, centred around the building he has occupied on Pandora Street for the last five years, a building that is both his house and studio. Whilst playing on the mythological story of the same name, Sassoon uses the structure of his domestic space as container for multiple works.

For an interview with the artist about his residency, please click here.

For her artwork commission, Proctor has created Always, a standalone website that displays a clock, continuously counting on from the launch of the Opening Times website. The appearance of the website changes on each visit. When a button is pressed, an automated screen shot is downloaded, recording the unique time of the visitor’s interaction.

For an interview with the artist about her commission, please click here.